I also offer bird taxidermy services. 

If shipping your bird to me, place it in plastic bags with the head tucked under a wing or folded over the back or belly to prevent breakage.  Seal the bags and place in the freezer.  When frozen and ready to ship, place the bird in an insulated box or in a box with several layers of crumpled newspaper as padding and insulation.  Send the bird on a Monday or Tuesday at the latestDo not send United States Postal Service.  Send only with UPS or Fed-Ex.  Use the next day air service.

  • Include any instructions or descriptions with the bird.
  • If it is a migratory bird, download and fillout the migratory bird tag and send with the bird.

* Click the tag above to download the PDF of the migratory Bird Tag *

Following are some of the prices of the more popular birds:

  • Turkey               $675
  • Geese               $495
  • Ducks                $325
  • Pheasants        $295
  • Grouse              $250
  • Crane                $500
  • Swan                 $675

Crating is included in this price and driftwood is no charge.  Habitat bases are additional charge depending on size and complexity.

Shipping is not included in this price.





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